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If you’re looking to go “green” with your new bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, natural stone, such as granite and marble countertops, are as green as it gets, as they’re right from the Earth. Not only that, but granite countertops can also pay for themselves when it comes to sell your home.

Additionally, in a Consumer Reports study of the materials used in kitchen countertops, granite had the highest number of “excellent” ratings. If you’re interested in updating the look and feel of your space with natural stone countertops, we welcome you to get in touch with our team today. With over 20 years of experience, we can measure, design, and install your countertops promptly along with providing a 1-year craftsmanship warranty. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout Wallingford, Shelton, Westport, Fairfield, and the entire state of Connecticut.

About Marble & Granite Countertops

We carry a range of manufacturers when it comes to engineered stone products, include the following:


White grey marble texture background in natural pattern with hig

Pure white marble is made from metamorphic limestone or dolomite protolith. The swirls that are seen in multicolored marble are typically the result of impurities such as clay, silt, sand, rust, or chert originally present in the limestone. The green color is typically due to serpentine occurring from limestone or dolostone with high magnesium and silica impurities. Those impurities mobilize and recrystallize as a result of metamorphism.



Some granite is almost as hard as sapphire. It will not crumble or stain due to weather exposure. Other benefits of granite countertops include extreme hardness, moisture resistance, consistency, and crystal fineness. This durability makes it the perfect material for kitchen countertops. Want to learn more? Stop by our showroom or call for service to Wallingford, Shelton, Fairfield, CT and the surrounding areas!



Quartzite is often compared to granite in terms of hardness and durability. It combines the toughness with the variation of patterning seen in marble, which makes for an alluring combination. However, like all natural stones, quartzite must be sealed periodically to protect against wine, citrus, coffee and other staining common in a kitchen setting!



Sopastone is a great option for both indoor and outdoor countertops! In a kitchen you would not have to worry about heat or staining due to its incredibly dense nature making is non porus and the most hygenic surface for food preperation! It is however considered to be the softest countertop option making it easily suseptible to scratches which can be sealed with mineral oil along with soft gentle sanding of the surface scratches to minimize the appearnace!

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